ian santos

Pop up beach studio with Mandi

I did another outdoor shoot with a white backdrop and a minimal setup with a couple of reflectors.  We got to the beach around 9:30 A.M. in great weather and scaled down the cliff with our gear, the beach was empty and the tide was slightly high but we managed to find a spot to set up.

Behind the scene photographs by Luis Ortega ©

Kirra @NoTiesMgmt

In this shoot I worked with Kirra (No Ties MGMT). I used a very minimalistic set up, with the translucent diffuser and a floor to ceiling window light.  I initially brought a beauty dish with me to add more light to catch with the eye but I liked this set up so much I decided to just stick with it.

Wardrobe provided by: www.shop-rica.com and styled by Kendra

Studio: www.thchrch.com

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