ian santos

Nicole Tontz @NoTiesMgmt

In this shoot I’m back again working with No Ties Management and this time is with new face, Nicole Tontz.  We initially planned to shoot in a field around the Eastlake area but to my surprise the field that I shot at about two years ago was no longer there.  We found another location to shoot that worked well too.

The shoot was styled by Kendra with Shop Rica (www.shop-rica.com).  I didn’t do anything crazy technical wise with the photos other than color balance and selective exposing in post. 

Melodi @NoTiesMgmt

I’ve been experimenting with shooting styles lately and my current trend is minimalistic portrait work.  I was able to collaborate with model Melodi signed with No Ties Mgmt and clothing pieces from Amuse Society and Somedays Lovin’ which can be purchased from http://www.shop-rica.com/

I shot these photos outdoors with a white seamless paper backdrop.  The set up and timing of the shoot were probably the most important factors in this shoot. I made sure the sun was going to be completely above head at the time or just slightly offset in order for the lighting of this shoot to work.  I then used a large translucent diffuser/reflector disc in order to make the sun a little less harsh and then I exposed for the skin in the camera and that gave the image a tad more depth.  As for the top shadow that was casted by the fold of the seamless paper I initially was going to photoshop them out but I decided to leave it as the blemish seemed to add to my weird aesthetic. 

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